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Meet Da Bosses

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Images and lore snippets of the leaders of Da Mourntoofs

Da Megaboss - Updated 11/02/2019

Megaboss Hogga Ironback is the clan's enforcer; a hulking figure whose self appointed role is to crack heads and get the main force fighting towards a roughly common purpose. He makes no secret of his greater aspirations to lead the clan and he no doubt would have launched a coup if not for the snarling mawkrusha mount of his superior.

Da Megaboss of Mawkrusha - Updated 11/02/2019

Where many creatures and beasts have adapted to blend in to their snow-covered surroundings, the appearance of the mawkrushas of the Mourn Mountains is such that any and all can see them at a great distance. They have no need to hunt; their stripes and bright colouration provoke would be challengers into challenging the great wyverns for territory which more often than not provides a great food source to the krushas.

Unable to refuse such a challenge, Megaboss Grizzdak Mourntoof tracked down and eventually subdued the mighty beast JawKrakka after a week-long fist fight and shouting contest.

Da Weirdnob/Warchanter- Updated 11/02/2019


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Exceptional, look even better on this website thanks to the black surrounding! Can't wait to see these guys in the flesh at the SCGT!

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