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Meet Da Ladz

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Photos/lore snippets of the units of Da Mourntoofs.

Da Brutes - Updated 11/02/2019

Unwavering in their devotion to violence, the muscle-bound brutes of Da Mourntoofs have been tempered by the elements, falling upon their foes with the ferocity of an avalanche. First up, we have the core of the army itself, the workhorses of the Ironjawz, the brutes. the first 10 are completed and the next 5 are well underway with a basecoat and wash completed.

Da Gore-Gruntas - Updated 11/02/2019 Unlike the scouts of 'civilised' races, the gore-gruntas do not report back to the main force with the location of their enemies; the far off screams do the job perfectly. The hardy mountain-boar mounts were claimed by Da Mourntoofs during their conquest of 'Da Smashed Tusk'. Like the brutes, the idea is to have 2 units of these, I have completed 3 and have another 3 built and ready to gap fill etc.

Da Ardboys - Updated 11/02/2019

Once numerous, the lesser orruk tribes who were drawn to follow Da Mourntoofs on their quest to find Da Gork's-teef realmgate have dwindled in number; battered by icewinds and avalanches. The greatest cull of the Ardboys numbers came when the clan was stranded in a great snow-drift on 'Da White-toof'. With fresh meat and battle in short supply, it was only natural that the gruntas would start to devour the weak. The army will include a small unit of 10 ardboys, for such 'small' models, they actually have taken a fair while to paint up. I have 5 complete and 5 well on the way.

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