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Da Lore of Da Mourntoofs

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Who are Da Mourntoofs? What drives them on their seemingly endless quest across the Mourn Mountains?

'In the near endless Mourn mountains of Ghur, a clan of orruks relentlessly hunt for the mythical 'Gork's-teef' realmgate, said to reside at the apex of the largest 'toof' in the realm. It is believed by the Mourntoofs that this portal is the literal mouth of Gork that will swallow them and spit them out into the biggest and best fights to be had. Following the fevered visions of weirdnob Wurrgor Zogskull, the clan battle their way up peak after peak; through beast herds and rival greenskin tribes. No foe however, is greater than the realm itself and no matter how many summits are conquered, blizzards fought through and ice walls smashed, there is always a bigger 'toof' to scale on the horizon.'


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