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Triumph & Treachery

Celebrate the release of Warhammer: The Old World with an adapted narrative event from one of our favourite Warhammer Fantasy expansions!

This event is a great chance to meet all the old world wargamers within the club and help you to establish a base of opponents for the new game.

But what is it?

Long before the Hammerers was an official club, the original 'eight' of us used to love getting together to play Triumph & Treachery. It's an expansion for Warhammer fantasy where games of 3-5 players would declare different enemies, bribe & parlay each other annd convince their accompanying mercenaries to turn on their employers! All while navigating an actual mission!

As the name suggests, you could change allegiances like the wind and create some really memorable Warhammer moments in a game full of twists and turns!

So join us on Saturday 23rd of March for three multiplayer games of Warhammer: The Old World in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everyone's welcome, and ANY faction is welcome too!

This event includes:

  • The cards & tokens etc. straight from the original expansion set,

  • Adapted rules to suit the new edition,

  • Themed boards to represent key locations around the old world,

  • Overall missions for each specific region,

Read the event pack here:

Triumph and treachery 2024.
Download PDF • 7.29MB

We will announce list submission deadlines when the tickets are released on Friday 19th of January, 2024. Tickets will be available from 6pm on the day.

Strictly limited numbers for this one, and a really fun event to get into the new game with!

See you on the ‘field!

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