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Frequently Asked Questions

Your indispensable guide to Hampshire 'Hammering..........


Q. What is the best way to contact the Hammerers team?

A. To get the fastest response, tag James, Martin or Rich with an @ in any of our club whats’app groups. Otherwise James will receive prompt notification from any webpage contact forms or emails sent to:

We do have discord, but we’re rubbish at administrating it. (but we’re learning!)

And if it directly relates to a change/request for a specific club night, using the comments section of that specific club night Facebook post is a prompt way to contact us directly.

Q. What if I have an issue that would stop me wanting to come back to the club?

A. While we can say with confidence that this has rarely happened, if there’s something that genuinely makes you feel like you wouldn’t want to return it is important to let James know directly. James has the only access to, and with over 20 years of people management experience, alongside conflict management training, we’re confident he can resolve any concerns without losing you or any of our club mates. We understand your downtime & escapes are important, and we want to be the most welcoming and inclusive club in town. So we really appreciate your communication to help us to achieve and maintain that.

Club Nights:

Q. I’m not on Social Media, how do I organise a club night game?

A. Let us know which club night you’d like to attend through our website’s contacts form (on the main page) and we will contact the Hammerers to find you an opponent. Your first club night is always completely free whether you play or not, so we strongly recommend you just turn up to meet our members, and introduce yourself to our team so that we can - in turn - introduce you to everyone else and get you a game booked.

Q. What if i haven’t played for ages/ at all?

A. You’re just as welcome. Our team have models for every game system, and play just about everything too. So you’re more than welcome to have your first game with one of us and help us remember how to play!

Q. Do my models need to be painted to be used during club nights?

A. No. It’s your night, and we completely understand you’ll want to get those models built and battle-tested before they’ve earned a proper place in your army!

Q. Can i bring 3D printed/proxy models?

A. Yes. Although it’s important to make sure your opponent/s are ok with you using those models before you bring them along. As a club, we’d expect printed/proxy models to resemble the intended unit entry they’re replacing, as well as be the same size and have the same base size too. In the case of events, we kindly ask that you send us pictures of the models before including them in your lists.

Q. Can i play more than one game/opponent on my table?

A. Yes. Absolutely yes! As long as we respect the venue’s business hours and have dice down by 11pm your table is yours for the night, play as much as you like!

Q. Can i request a specific battle mat/ terrain set up for my table?

A. Yes. Please do. We want you to enjoy the best gaming experience we can offer on club nights. So if you’d like to play on Fenris, or Ghyran, give us plenty of notice and we’ll make sure it’s all ready for your arrival. We’ve also arranged specific terrain boxes to match GW’s recommended terrain set ups for matched play games ready for you to grab and deploy too.

Q. Do you supply miniatures for members to use?

A. Not currently, although a collection of ‘House Miniatures’ are being considered through our new Battlefield Ready painting service.

Q. Do you supply boxed games and specialist terrain at club night?

A. Yes. We do have a collection of boxed games including miniatures, as well as specialist games terrain including bloodbowl pitches, Killteam Gallowdark sets, Cursed City/Blackstone Fortress & lots of Necromunda terrain. Just let us know what you need when you want to get your club night ticket and we’ll let you know what we’ve got.

Q. Can I bring non - Games Workshop games to club night?

A. No. But we can recommend local clubs where these games are played.

Social Media Posting

Q. Am i allowed to post miniatures for sale/ trade or miniatures I’m looking to buy on the Hammerers social media?

A. Yes. Although we expect these to be individual, on-topic posts. Otherwise they’ll just be removed.

Q. Is it alright to post details of my upcoming wargaming event on Hammerers Social Media?

A. Yes. But please always get permission from us first, preferably through the contacts form on our webpage. We only usually disallow event posts if

a) they are for an unrelated games’ system

or b) if we genuinely feel the event date clashes with a Hammerers hosted event on or around the same date that could impact our own event attendance.

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