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The Dawn-Hammer Crusades

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Welcome to the Dawn-hammer Crusade

Our first ever Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign!

Between now and the release of the next edition of Age of Sigmar, we are inviting our Hammerers to create their own Path to Glory force - from Vanguards to Legions - set within the ever evolving story unfolding within the Mortal Realms.

We will create unique battlefields alongside all the usual Hammerers twists for your games, beginning with the scenarios and expansion rules found in Dawnbringers book one: Harbingers.

The campaign is a celebration of our Forge narrative event space and we want Age of Sigmar Hammerers both new and reforged to share their own lore, dramatis personae and fantastic painting skills in our dedicated Path to Glory pages right here on the Website.

At the end of the Campaign we will create a Grand Finale event to bid farewell to the current edition as well as present awards for those that have contributed to the gaming, painting and world building for this campaign.

So, prepare your vanguards, create your unique Warlords (that represent you!) and join us for our first narrative rich campaign as the Crusades unfold…..

Path to Glory introduction
Download PDF • 33.07MB

Campaign Pack:

Path to Glory campaign pack
Download PDF • 28.50MB

Path to Glory Aftershock
Download PDF • 19.32MB


Grand Alliance Order

First Vanguard of the Shadowed Souls, Stormhost Protectors of the Ghyran Tempests’ Redoubt, Second City of Gloomsforge - Stormcast Eternals - led by Knight-Questor Argentos Bladesoul

The Congregation of the Stars - Seraphon - led by Xin’Qua

Hammerhal Aqshys’ Dawnhammer Crusade - Cities of Sigmar - led by Marshal Ontalas Swift

The Fangs of Sotek - Seraphon

The Cenarion Circle - Sylvaneth - led by

Sylendra Gladesong

Grand Alliance Chaos

The Changecast of Tzeentch - led by Ruiskai, First Son of Change

Clan Unknown - Skaven - led by Deathmaster Nasqueek

The Knights of the Dead Flower, Fetted Garden City, Ghyran - Maggotkin of Nurgle - led by Plaguesmith Vordigrasse, the Hammer of Galrot

Grand Alliance Death

The Vashneshankin - Soulblight Gravelords - led by the Pallid King

The Everburning - Flesh Eater Courts - led by Apollos Flamebringer

Grand Alliance Destruction

Phil’s Orruks - Ironjaws

Ed’s Gitz - Gloomspite Gitz

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