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Our latest Age of Sigmar Narrative Event Weekend

As the Dawn-bringer crusade begins, something stirs within the Mortal Realms…..

Wild magics lash the landscapes as endless spells and incarnates form throughout the worlds. The unquiet dead moan and lurch upon the cursed earth of their demise, and fell-energies unleashed from every practitioner and immortal patron taints the very air around their subjects. With such intense conflicts strewn across every front, the immeasurable eldritch energies, emotions and arcane artefacts employed in such grand warfare have torn vast wounds in not only their lands, but in reality itself.

Wounded by such elemental force unleashed upon them, the realms themselves have begun to react. Great monuments and landmarks have emerged from beneath violent, tectonic shifts in the earth, each a foreboding lodestone that have begun to drink in the immense energies coursing along their surface. These nexuses of power are swelling at an incredible rate, not only restoring the scarred realms of their vigour but also forming great reservoirs that -if left unchecked- could form cataclysms wielded by the realms themselves.

Such immense power has drawn the gaze of the Gods, as every faction within the Mortal Realms mounts offensives to secure these realm-anchors, and siphon their arcane repositories for their own ends. Warhosts spread across reality, as the warring factions seek to secure as many realm anchors in sequence as possible, only imagining the terrible power each may contain.

But who will emerge victorious? And how will the realms seek to defend their new-found asset……..

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