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Combat Patrol: Lembyq

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

As Grendyllus’ great maw engulfs embattled Oghram, assault craft and teleport homers flash like sparks beneath the tendrils’ pitch shadow. Tactical insertion, recovery of valuable archeotech, and lightning fast extraction were complete. But at great cost to all.

Emerging victorious in the recovery of such precious archeotech, the Necrontyr abandoned their dormant tomb world beneath Oghram, dogged by Imperials, heretics and Xenos alike. Fleeing the damned world, the soul bound automata made for nearby Lembyq, former lab-world and rumoured source of formidable anti-xenos weapon testing. With their enemies in close pursuit, the Necrons made all haste to descend upon the world ahead of the encroaching hive fleet tendril.

But for what, and why, remained a mystery……

Combat Patrol Lembyq 06.09.23
Download PDF • 10.43MB

Covidious. II. Lembyq
Download PDF • 10.15MB

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