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Combat Patrol: Gene-Mage

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Your forces pursue the elusive Gene-Mage who recently fled the lab world of Lembyq. Intel gathered from both Oghram & Lembyq indicate the renegade has developed vital weaponry that could end (or aid!) the Tyranid invasion of the Bastior system.

Expect unique twists and turns throughout a relaxed evening learning the new edition of Warhammer 40K, with some of Hampshires' friendliest war-gamers. Ideal for anyone new or considering dabbling in the game.


  • Themed gaming tables: specially designed to represent the hostile environs stalked by the Gene-Mage.

  • Interactive environments: Custom rules for specific terrain pieces 'in-map,' complete with Hammerers' twists!

  • Individualised missions: representing the gaming table you're on instead of a single mission every table has to play!

  • ‘Live outcomes: The results of your games will directly impact the twists for the remaining missions that evening!

  • Dramatis Personae: Playable characters from the Fabius Bile novel series appear in your games to aid or dissuade your patrols’ efforts!

  • Fetishes of the Gene-Mage: Interactive objectives that fit the narrative of your battle zone.

Combat Patrol Gene Mage 6th December
Download PDF • 4.43MB

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