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4th War for Armageddon

The story so far. Our first ever full length Crusade campaign, written & recounted by our Hammerers.

Below is the narrative, house rules, forces & battles for the past year, compiled for you to enjoy & even re-enact. Keep an eye out for more battle reports, aftermath & consequences from the campaign here, as the forces upon Armageddon grow in strength & infamy.

HUGE thanks to our Hammerers for sharing such an immersive & unique campaign for us all to enjoy...

1.crusade introduction
Download PDF • 2.53MB

2.crusade rules
Download PDF • 5.58MB

3. crusade forces
Download PDF • 14.57MB

4. crusade part one: patrol
Download PDF • 22.14MB

5. Crusade part two: incursion
Download PDF • 10.08MB

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