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Role Playing Games Master hire - 3 hour session

Role Playing Games Master hire - 3 hour session


Ideal for Role Playing Groups looking for a guest Games Master for their existing campaign sessions.

Whether you’re continuing a campaign created by Hampshire Hammerers Wargaming, want a guest Games Master to add new twists and turns to your campaign (and let your current GM experience playing) or have an interest in becoming a Games Master and want a support session to get you started. Sessions can also be hosted at either our business address or at one of our hired event venues.


- Minimum 2 hour session of your chosen RPG,

- Access to all the relevant resource material,

- Fully painted miniatures, scenes, terrain and visuals for a more immersive session,

- Pre & post session mop-up for continuing or developing your campaign,

- One-to-ones with players to discuss their characters and story arc progressions,

Remember to apply your 1/3 off discount code if purchasing in combination with our Games Master Campaign set-up hire service.

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