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The Path Revealed...

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

History they say is written by the conqueror, but even in the annuls of the victorious it is often only the culmination of a campaign that is remembered.

We now stand upon the precipice of an assault, the first time in over a century that any has sought to directly challenge the Grand Marshall of the Apocalypse. Whether Nagash’s scheme be audacious and doomed to failure, only time will tell.

But what of the actions that led us here, what of the preparation, the skirmishes, the gathering of a warlords might as well as resources with which to wage such a monumental campaign.

It is this Path to Glory that now unfolds before us. Myriad are the forces that descend upon Chamon and equally numerous are their motivations. But there is one thing that unites them all and that is the desire of their leader to accomplish their ends, to be a part of the events to come and to be the one who’s history is remembered.....

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