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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I had a really inspiring interaction with one of our binding recently that challenged my role playing process to a new level.

This revolutionary insight was framed by a post session discussion on an item within their characters’ inaugural inventory, a skein of strong alcohol possessed by our potentially Ulgu - sired Black Ark Corsair. The viscous vessel was then ceremoniously broken down during our musings to such finite detail it could’ve been a Soulbound Session in its own right!

Unwilling to allow the mysterious Aelven liquor to remain simply an unremarkable utility on a character sheet, we catalogued every detail from the regional ‘realm’ styling of the skein, the colour & clarity of the liquid and it’s adverse effects on it’s procurer as well as the potential impacts on other consumers & their varied physiology. Could it serve as a salve? Be wielded as a weapon or remedy a resistance against the elements?

What heroic deed, diabolic past event or honour bound heirloom created the capture of the unique liquor? What significance did the inscriptions laced within it’s intricate stopper hold? How precious & rare were the very ingredients & methodology to manufacture such a sublime spirit? Was the recipe such a rarity that in fact this could be the last or singular vintage ever produced?

What therefore is its value? To vendors, adventurers & villains alike. Would be it be considered divine, or diabolical, and if so to who? Does the skein itself have a former master who deems it…. precious? Were wars of old fought to acquire such an arcane artefact for the promise of some greater good?

Whatever its obscure origins the real wealth of the item exists to enrich the creator & not their character. A seemingly insignificant entry on an inventory encompasses endless possibilities for adventure, a testament to the infinite value of Role Playing Games. A brainstorming that blew weather warnings into every aspect of my approach to our adventures. Not manifested into a daunting, overwhelming obsession into detailing, but a newfound love for exploring the purpose & the value of every detail within our escapist universe.

In short, it put the art into artefacts.

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