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Pantheon Wars: At the Gates of Sanguinas

Updated: Mar 10, 2021


Orgha let out a roar of bestial pleasure as his axe bit down into the cannibalistic ghoul before him. Blood splattered across his Gargantuan armoured frame where the Flesh Eater’s limb had been removed but he did not pause; the lust for battle was upon him.

Reversing his weapon's trajectory a second foe was decapitated the first still yet to hit the ground, dispatched this opponent was also forgotten Orgha butting a third feeling the crunch of bone against his forehead and the coppery taste of the creature’s blood filled his mouth.

Their surroundings were nothing more than a charnel pit, arranged in a macabre parody of a grand hall, bones piled throughout in shapes evidently meant to be tables, chairs and even a high dais that sat at the end of the room.  A dais where he now sat...

The one they had been searching for, the one that had caused Orga such shame in Shadespire.  The Megaboss shook himself, that was in the past, Faz’rak had led them well since that day and now they had found their foes lair at last. Now all that remained was for Ironjawz to do what they did best, fightin!

With a roar the ground shook around them, chunks of ancient stone and decaying masonry falling as the beast barrelled into the confined space.

Faz’rak  jumped from the hulking Mawcrusha he rode and charged towards the leering Abhorrant, those that moved to block his advance smashed aside, their bodies snapping like kindling before the brute as he raised a hulking axe high preparing to cleave that arrogant Vampire in two….


“I see you received my missive. “

A voice rang out across the ensuing carnage; smooth, filled with suggestion and emanating a power bred of ages”

..."what".... the Colossal Orruk blinked in confusion, what had he been thinking, doing, about to achieve?  He looked quizzically at the monstrous weapon he held high poised to strike.

“My friend…” the liquid smooth voice washed over him again as the newcomer spoke “…no need for weapons here, you are amongst friends, there will be plenty of opportunity to showcase your martial prowess in the festivities ahead”

Raising his head finally to look upon the owner of the voice that now addressed him the Orruk was struck dumb with wonder at the regal majesty that now lay before him. 

Suddenly the grandeur and opulence of his surroundings made sense, for where else could one but his host abide. He barked an order and those Squires that attended him fell to their knees before their Lord.

The Emperor's moved across the banqueting hall to the window and cast his gaze out across the battlements, his serfs following in his wake with wines and sweetmeats for their Lord.

“Ah, it appears that our invitations have been answered. We shall soon be joined by the remainder of our honoured guests."

"Come Ulrich, come Faz'rek” the Emperor beckoned to the two champions that now stood before him

“My champions must prepare, your audience awaits. Let the Tourney begin!!”

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