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Genesis of Depravity

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Within the mortal realms lie an infinite number of portals, gateways, gnawholes & nexus in which to walk between worlds. Some lie between the pillars of baleful realmgates, or within the maws of titanic beasts. Some can even be summoned using artefacts of immeasurable power. The most potent sorcerers can even tear rifts between the realms without the need for such trinkets or arcane landmarks, such as the despicable Vermin Lords, who can scar reality with a single sigil scratched into the very air their existence taints.

To traverse the realms so swiftly grants ambitious warlords supreme tactical advantages over their enemies, able to manoeuvre entire Warhosts straight into the heart of enemy territory before suitable defences can be mounted. In the Age of Sigmar, where the ruinous powers of Chaos control much of the mortal realms, command of the realmgates is a mighty prize to be sought.

When the Chaos God Slaanesh vanished from the Realm of Chaos, a single tear of pure exhilaration & deepest sorrow was shed as the Dark Prince took one last gaze out over the mortal realms. Tumbling into shards of crystallised rock, each weeping fragment fell screaming through the skies as burning comets, piercing the lands below with agonising cuts. Seers from all across the realms received tortured visions of the arrival of a new weapon in the Realmgate wars, followed by the deafening cacophony of their hideous creator. Encased in dark crystal lay the very essence & raw cruelty of the Prince of excess, thrumming with an unspeakable power capable of corrupting even the purest hearts into gorging on their innermost desires. So perversely powerful, the Godstones of Slaanesh contain the keys to unlocking temporal gateways between the realms, traversing reality with the fluidity of Daemons.

Though the many mystics of the worlds can divine the value of such blasphemous lodestones, few knew the sacrifice such a prize demands in exchange for its secrets. As the jewel - bound essence of an insatiable God, constant tribute must be made. Pain, suffering, agony & blood must all be offered up before the fragment will reveal the location of the hidden gateways.

The true purpose of the Godstones is far more mysterious. Do the shards simply hunger for the misery & humiliation so freely afforded by mortal souls? Or is their existence only to continue their Sires' passion for cruelty & depravation? Perhaps the Godstones are calling out to each other longing to be together once more. Yearning & aching, blindly seeking each other across the aether. All the while luring their captors into each other's path only to delight in the slaughter as the enslavers tear each other apart.

Perhaps it is the will of the Dark Prince, intentionally laying a trap that draw the shards back to their masters' bosom as he readies to feast on any mortal foolish enough to follow the trail. Engorged on such worthy souls, would Slaanesh finally have feasted fully ready to rejoin the great game? Sated on a banquet of champions that passed such a delicious test of devotion. Who can truly know the desires of the ruinous powers of Chaos?

Now one of the loathsome loadstones has come into your possession, whispering the blissful promises of conquest & judgement upon your enemies. Whether hunting for glory, or the Dark Prince himself, the Godstone is now a slave to your desire, wield it well.

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