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Feb 3

The Hammers Black Library


Want to learn more about the Grim Darkness of the 41st millennium?

Interested in exploring the Mortal Realms or the World that was?


Like many hobbyist over the years I have collected a stupid amount of old codex's, army books and Black Library Novels. I stead of throwing away or letting them collect dust I propose we add a list or photo of our collections for other members to borrow.


I know that I would love to read Battle tomes and Codex's of armies I don't personally own or to find what makes Special characters so special.


Why don't you check what I have to bring and add up lists of your own?


Fantastic idea John! I’ve got all the Horus Heresy novels at Hammerer HQ (aka my loft!) that everyone is welcome to borrow - pics to follow!

I’ve been really enjoying reading the novels around AOS, and I’ve recently started playing 40k as well. Do you have anything that would be an ideal first read? Would be happy to swap an AOS book

Hi Crusade is a collection of short stories that was made as a way for people to get started in 40k stories.

Similar to the AoS book Hammerhal.

So unless you already know what fraction or part of 40k your interested in I'll bring it down.

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